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Stevenson buildingStevenson has been in the business of property ownership, construction and development for more than 80 years. Today we have a large and diverse investment property portfolio which includes commercial, industrial, residential and farm properties.

Stevenson Properties manages the various properties occupied by companies within the Stevenson Group (and others), meeting the requirements of agencies including Regional and District Councils and making sure the Stevenson Group can operate effectively from its property holdings.

Stevenson Properties acts as both landlord and tenant of properties and manages relationships with owners and occupiers, including developing and altering premises to suit our tenants’ needs.

We also work on larger scale projects with joint venture partners to develop and sell/lease properties – predominantly of an industrial nature. Many of these are design/build opportunities.

We value developing long-term relationships with our tenants and developing properties of a high standard which will meet the occupiers’ needs today and in the foreseeable future.

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Stephen Hughes
CEO Stevenson Properties
Tel: 09 984 8464

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Stevenson people

Stephen Hughes

Stephen Hughes
CEO Stevenson Properties Ltd 

 As CEO of Stevenson Properties Stephen manages a large and diverse portfolio, which is largely land-based and focused around the operational businesses within the group. His background includes working in property valuation, property management and property investment.