The Stevenson Group is committed to promoting a culture where harm to the environment through work activities is unacceptable.

In achieving this objective, we focus on several guiding principles in our daily business decision making:

  • We ensure that our products and services are developed in line with our sustainability targets
  • We encourage the implementation and use of sustainable technologies and services across all our business functions
  • We maintain an Environmental Management System to meet all the relevant environmental legislation, regulations, sustainable development requirements and codes of practice
  • We involve, educate and train staff to work in an environmentally responsible manner, and ensure that our environmental policies are adhered to 
  • We encourage our manufacturers, suppliers and contractors to develop and supply goods and services in line with our sustainability initiatives

By focussing on sustainability, we aim to improve the value of our business. We can do this by firstly reducing our input costs - this may be through the minimising our energy use and improving our process efficiency. 

Secondly, we aim to build our reputation as a sustainable business, by reducing the associated environmental impacts, such as greenhouse gas emissions. 

A focus on sustainability makes sense in our current economic environment. Not only can we reduce our exposure to increasing energy costs, and future carbon prices - it also enables Stevenson to establish loyalty amongst savvy customers and to succeed in a low carbon economy.

Read more about some of the initiatives that exemplify our sustainable practices: